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1. Respect

You shall treat your fellow Players, Game Masters and Game Support Specialists, and all employees of RYL with the proper courtesy. Harassment, outbursts of anger towards others, and flooding are just some acts that we shall not tolerate. Let's just all get along.

2. Security and Privacy

You are ultimately responsible for the safekeeping of your personal information, account, characters, and items. NEVER should you reveal your passwords to ANYBODY, and that includes even the Game Masters (GMs), Game Support Specialists (GSSes), and other RYL employees. You should also be vigilant when trading with other players, to avoid getting scammed. Make sure the PC you are using to connect to MU is secure.

3. Integrity

Aside from the game client we make available through downloads and official installer CDs, you shall not access the game with any other software. This includes (but not limited to) CHEAT clients, HACK tools, KEYLOGGERS, and any other programs that may alter the MU gaming experience.

4. Authenticity

You are who you are, and you should never misrepresent yourself. Never pretend to be another player, or worse, try to pass yourself off as an employee of RYL The list of official in-game RYL representatives can be found here.

5. Knowledge

Take the time to familiarize yourself with our User Agreement, Code of Conduct, and Policies. More importantly, observe and obey them. Check on our website for any updates to these topics and more. Announcements, events (both virtual and real life), and promos will be made public on these pages, so check them often. Ignorance is not an excuse.